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Cloth banner with happy Easter, rainbow and cross in fabric

Sunday 26/04/20

I invite you to join with me and each other at 10.00 to read the Bible, sing a hymn and pray. I’ll be using the following short service:

Psalm 116

Hymn Great is thy faithfulness

Reading Acts 2: 14a, 36 – 41

Prayers including the collect:

Risen Christ, you filled your disciples with boldness and fresh hope: strengthen us also to proclaim your risen life and fill us with your peace, to the glory of God the Father

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Reading Luke 24: 13 – 35

I hope this will be of some use.

With love and prayers,

Rev Eileen

Cloth banner with happy Easter, rainbow and cross in fabric

Sunday 19/04/20

I invite you to join with me and each other at 10.00 to read the Bible, sing a hymn and pray. I’ll be using the following short service:

Psalm 16

Guide me O thou great Redeemer

Acts 2: 14a, 22-32


John 20: 19- end

I’ll be posting similar suggestions each Saturday for use on the Sunday until we are able to meet again together. I know that it is not the same but hope this will be of some use.

With love and prayers,

Rev Eileen

Cloth banner with happy Easter, rainbow and cross in fabric

Alleluia. Christ is risen!

He is risen indeed. Alleluia!

Sadly we cannot meet this morning as we would normally do. Please take some time in prayer and praise to let the world know that Jesus Christ died and rose again for us. Let our voices join with all those around the world to affirm this truth.

Our readings for this morning are: Acts 10: 34-43 and Matthew 28:1-10

Easter garden

If you have children in the family, why not suggest they make an Easter garden? Take photos of them when completed and send them in – we’ll have a gallery of them.

We also have an Easter quiz – if you would like to have a copy please contact us and we’ll send you one. You never know – there may be a small prize

Sing Resurrection

I know that many people are upset that, with our churches closed, we will not be able to celebrate together on Easter Day. So why not join with thousands of Christians at 10.00 a.m. to sing 2 very well known hymns, Jesus Christ is risen today followed by Thine be the glory. Churches together in Britain and Ireland are co-ordinating this big sing and more information about it can be found at

You may want to follow their suggestion and video it, or take a photo, whatever you do please do join in and let as many people as you can know about it as well.

If you are struggling to find the words please let Rev Eileen know.

A Prayer for the nation in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic

Loving God, as your Son healed the sick
And brought good news to the needy
Be with us this day.
Loving Jesus as you taught us to
‘Do unto others as you would have them do to you’
Be with all the medical staff this day.
Loving spirit, your gift is healing,
Bring your healing fire to our homes, our hospitals and our county,
But most of all, be with us this day.

(taken from the Carlisle Diocese bulletin)

The Jesus prayer

The one thing, that this period of crisis is giving us, is time for silence. I don’t know whether this fills you with joy or loathing. At this time, I’m drawn to the words in 1 Kings 19:11 – 13 where we hear about Elijah who was running away. God was not in the great wind, nor the earthquake or the fire. God was in the sound of sheer silence. But how can we find him?
One way of praying is known as the Jesus Prayer, it’s a simple way of praying, deceptively so because it can have the quite amazing effect of helping us reach that stillness. It’s not an academic prayer, it’s very simple. But it has the effect of helping us to remove any distractions coming into our minds.
The words are: Lord Jesus Christ Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.
I was taught to use it by saying the first half whilst breathing in and the second part on a breath out. You use it on a repetitive basis, over and over again. It can be used throughout the day, any odd moment, whether in a formal prayer time or just in an odd moment here and there.
It’s especially effective in times of stress or when we are suffering in any way. It doesn’t require thought, we don’t feel that we have to prepare ourselves. It gives us a focus so that with the rest of our mind we can be with God, in that deep stillness that is within each of us.
As with all things, practice helps. Why not take a few moments each day to try it out? Sit down with your feet on the floor and still yourself. Make sure that you’re comfortable. Close your eyes. Silently, internally, begin to say the prayer. Listen to it as you say it. Keep saying it and don’t allow distractions to take your focus away. (I find that, if distractions keep coming, then I have to deal with them – write them on a piece of paper, and then return to the prayer.) The prayer should be continued for as long as you feel comfortable. Without practice you may not do it for very long, that is fine. Keeping going each day and it will improve. You may find that you don’t say the whole phrase – indeed some people just use one word, ‘Jesus’. That is also fine.
When you come to the end of saying the prayer don’t jump up and continue on with your day but stop saying the words and sit, quietly, for a short time.
When you’ve been using this prayer for some time you may catch yourself saying it at random times of the day (or night) without any idea of when you started. This feels to me like St Paul’s ‘praying without ceasing’ (1 Thessalonians 5:17) It really is quite remarkable and can have a transformational effect on your life.

An hour at the cross – Prayer on Good Friday

Join with me from 2.00 to 3.00 p.m. in prayer and Bible reading in our own homes.
You might like to have some quiet music in the background throughout the hour, or you may prefer silence.
I suggest that we use the following bible passages interspersed with prayer time or silence:
Psalm 22
John 13: 1-17, 31 -35
John 18:1 – 40
Matthew 27: 27-66
Luke 2: 33-35 and John 19: 25-27

Prayer for Lent – April 20

Loving Father, we come to you at this time of crisis unsure of what is going on in our world.
Help us, as anxious as we are, with all the fears and worries that we have, to lay those troubles at the foot of the cross.
Let us live in the present, dependent on you, knowing that you will not fail us.
We pray this in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Lord, in this time of Lent, when our world has been turned upside down, help us to reflect on your journey towards Jerusalem.
Help us to really hear your message to feed the hungry, comfort the bereaved, visit the prisoners and let the oppressed go free.
Help us to focus on what we can do rather than what we cannot and help us to be inventive in ways we can help.
Hear this prayer in the name of your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen