Our Services

COVID-19 Update

Following the Governments directions, and on the guidance of the Archbishops and the Bishop of Carlisle, we are currently holding the following church services.

2021CaldbeckSeberghamCastle SowerbyWestwardRosleyWelton
26 Sept11.00  HC ER        14.30 Harvest
 11.00  Harvest with Baptism RC/CK*9.30  HC ER   
3 Oct8.15  HC ER   11.00  Harvest RC*/CK       11.00  HC ER  9.30  HC ER         18.30 Harvest ER
10 Oct  8.15  HC ER   11.00  Baptism ER     11.00  Harvest GH   10.30  Harvest CK 
17 Oct8.15  HC ER      11.00  HC ER   11.00 Baptism RC*/CK  9.30  HC ER   
24 Oct  11.00  HC by ext   RC       9.30  Morning Prayer CK   
31 Oct11.00   HC ER/RC   9.30  HC ER   
2 Nov18.30 All Souls Service GH/ER       
7 Nov8.15 HC ER 11.00 Family Service CK/ER   11.00 HC by ext RC  9.30 HC ER    
 CaldbeckSeberghamCastle SowerbyWestwardRosleyWelton

ER – Rev Eileen Reid, GH – Geoff Hine (Reader), CK – Clair Kirk (Reader in training), RC – Rev Richard Corrie

Our church buildings are open as follows:

St.Kentigern’s, Caldbeck Sundays and Wednesdays

Holy Trinity, Rosley Monday 10.00 – 11.00

St Mary’s, Sebergham Tuesday 09.00 – 10.00

St Kentigern’s, Castle Sowerby Tuesday 10.30 – 11.30

The life of all our churches continues through our prayers and through our mutual support and encouragement.